News Headlines


This free perl script will fetch the headlines from and display them with links to their articles on your website. You can choose which categories of headlines to display.



Top Headlines Download:

Click Here To Download the Script


To install this script simply upload it to your CGI-BIN and CHMOD it 755. You will also have to rename it to "newsheadlines.cgi" for it to work. You may also have to change the first line of this script to the correct location of perl on your web server. On any page where you want headlines to appear, rename the page ending with '.shtml' and add this code:

<!--#include virtual="newsheadlines.cgi?top"-->

Make sure that it point to the correct directory. Replace "top" with whatever headlines you wish to use. Your choices are "top", "entertainment", "world", "politics", "technology", and "offbeat".


If you have any questions or comments regarding this script please go to