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Sex and the City 2
Sex and the City 2


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Actors: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon
Director: Michael Patrick King
Rating: R
Features: Color, Dolby, DVD, Widescreen, NTSC
Running Time: 146 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1
Release Date: October 26, 2010
Theatrical Release Date: May 28, 2010
Studio: New Line Home Video

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The fun, the fashion, the friendship: Sex and the City 2 brings it all back and more as Carrie Sarah Jessica Parker, Samantha Kim Cattrall, Charlotte Kristin Davis and Miranda Cynthia Nixon come together to take another bite out of The Big Apple-- and beyond--in a hilarious sequel. What happens after you say “I do?” Life is everything the ladies ever wished it would be, but it wouldn’t be Sex in the City if life didn’t hold a few more surprises. After all, sometimes you just have to get away with the girls.
The four glitziest ladies ever to hit Manhattan as a single force--Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte--are back, fabulous as ever, in Sex and the City 2. They may be older, and even a little wiser, but the pulls of love, lust, careers, and a pair of well-turned stilettos are still the focus of this Fab Four. As the women gamely face the prospect of aging--children, menopause, glass ceilings, and, in Carrie's opinion a fate worse than death--domesticity--they still manage to sparkle with the banter and great outfits that made the HBO series and the first film such hits. Sex and the City 2 opens with Carrie Sarah Jessica Parker, Samantha Kim Cattrall, Miranda Cynthia Nixon, and Charlotte Kristin Davis at the wedding of two of the foursome's favorite gay male friends, Stanford Willie Garson and Anthony Mario Cantone. The wedding itself pulls out all the stops--in the true spirit of Sex and the City--and is one of the highlights of the film. From the no-holds-barred décor, including live swans, to the gay men's chorus singing show tunes while the guests arrive, the event is on the far side of over the top. As the guests settle into their seats, Miranda whispers, "Could this wedding be any gayer?" and as if on command, out comes Liza Minnelli, playing herself, to officiate. Minnelli's performance is unexpectedly splendid, and her "wedding song" will wow all her fans--gay, straight, married, single. Yet beneath the luscious glamour and the really bad hats oh, Carrie, you should have resisted that harlequin feathered crown, the heroines are struggling with the not-so-glamorous realities of their lives. Charlotte and Harry the always delightful and dependable Evan Handler have two demanding young daughters--and a nanny from Ireland whose braless voluptuousness puts new meaning in the phrase "Irish spring," and who may be threatening their marriage. Miranda, ever the focused career gal, is getting nowhere fast at her law firm. And Carrie, now married to Mr. Big Chris Noth, is chafing at the cozy staying-in and lying-low that she thinks spell death to romance. It should be noted that vixen Samantha is still game for walking on the wild side. At the wedding she meets a handsome straight guy and asks him what he does for a living. "I lay concrete," he says. Samantha: "That sounds promising." And for once there are no easy, glib answers to the real-life problem of the four stars, and Sex and the City 2 lets the characters actually grow up, at least a little. Which doesn't mean their fashions aren't fabulous. The film is also chock-a-block with great cameos, including Miley Cyrus, Project Runway's Tim Gunn, and Penélope Cruz. And longtime fans of the TV series will be happy to hear that Smith Jerrod Jason Lewis, Samantha's onetime flame, and Aidan John Corbett, who once stole Carrie's heart, also make appearances. Sex and the City 2 is frothier than a shaken bottle of Champagne, and goes down as smoothly as a couple of appletinis. So fans, drink up! --A.T. Hurley

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