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No Time for Sergeants
No Time for Sergeants


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Actors: Andy Griffith, Nick Adams, Murray Hamilton, Don Knotts, Myron McCormick
Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Rating: NR
Features: Black & White, DVD, Original recording remastered, Restored, Subtitled, NTSC
Running Time: 119 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Release Date: May 4, 2010
Theatrical Release Date: January 25, 2011
Studio: Warner Home Video

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Georgia farm boy Will Stockdale is about to bust with pride. He’s been drafted. Will’s ready. But is Uncle Sam ready for Will? In No Time for Sergeants, Andy Griffith is certifiably funny in the role that clinched his stardom. Wearing a friendly, wide grin, he ambles into the U.S. Air Force – and lots of folks’ll never be the same. They include pint-sized Ben Nick Adams, big-city bruiser Irvin Murray Hamilton and a jittery aptitude tester Don Knotts. Finally, there’s Sgt. Orville King Myron McCormick, a don’t-rock-the-boat old-timer driven crazy by Will’s gee-whiz efforts at friendship. Griffith, McCormick and Knotts reprise their winning performances from No Time for Sergeants’ smash Broadway run. Breezily directed by the veteran Mervyn LeRoy Mister Roberts, it’s definitely time for entertainment!
Andy Griffith burst to stardom with this surprisingly funny film adaptation of the Broadway comedy by, of all people, Ira Levin of Rosemary's Baby fame. Griffith plays a hillbilly who is drafted into the army where, among other things, he has to wear shoes regularly for the first time. Griffith brings an engaging glee to the role of this likable bumpkin, whose happy-go-lucky demeanor is impervious to insult. Ask him to clean the latrines and he rigs the toilet seats to stand up and salute. The film follows him through basic training and into the paratroops, where he becomes an unlikely hero. A solid supporting cast includes Griffith's future sidekick, Don Knotts; Nick Adams; and, most notably, the hilariously sullen Myron McCormick. --Marshall Fine


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