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Home > Lost - The Complete Third Season
Lost - The Complete Third Season
Lost - The Complete Third Season


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Actors: Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, Dominic Monaghan, Terry O'Quinn
Rating: Unrated
Features: Widescreen, NTSC
Running Time: 991 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Release Date: December 11, 2007
Theatrical Release Date: October 4, 2006
Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment

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Find the answers you’ve been looking for in the explosive third season of the show USA Today calls "the most gorgeous, audacious, expansive series on network TV." As the power of the island to both heal and destroy comes into sharp focus, the lines between good and evil are blurred and loyalties are challenged when the survivors of the crash become tangled within the lives of the Others. Plan your escape, and immerse yourself in all 23 episodes of Season Three. Go deeper than ever before in this seven-disc DVD box set, complete with hours of never-before-seen bonus features, including secrets from the world of the Others, behind-the-scenes featurettes, unprecedented access to the Lost writers room, and so much more.

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Stills from Lost click for larger image

When it aired in 2006-07, Lost's third season was split into two, with a hefty break in between. This did nothing to help the already weirdly disparate direction the show was taking Kate and Sawyer in zoo cages! Locke eating goop in a mud hut!, but when it finally righted its course halfway through--in particular that whopper of a finale--the drama series had left its irked fan base thrilled once again. This doesn't mean, however, that you should skip through the first half of the season to get there, because quite a few questions find answers: what the Others are up to, the impact of turning that fail-safe key, the identity of the eye-patched man from the hatch's video monitor. One of the series' biggest curiosities from the past--how Locke ended up in that wheelchair in the first place--also gets its satisfying due. The episode, "The Man from Tallahassee," likely was a big contributor to Terry O'Quinn's surprising--but long-deserved--Emmy win that year.

Unfortunately, you do have to sit through a lot of aforementioned nuisances to get there. Season 3 kicks off with Jack Matthew Fox, Kate Evangeline Lilly, and Sawyer Josh Holloway held captive by the Others; Sayid Naveen Andrews, Sun Yunjin Kim, and Jin Daniel Dae Kim on a mission to rescue them; and Locke, Mr. Eko Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and Desmond Henry Ian Cusick in the aftermath of the electromagnetic pulse that blew up the hatch. Spinning the storylines away from base camp alone wouldn't have felt so disjointed were it not for the new characters simultaneously being introduced. First there's Juliet, a mysterious member of the Others whose loyalty constantly comes into question as the season goes on. Played delicately by Elizabeth Mitchell Gia, ER, Frequency, Juliet is in one turn a cold-blooded killer, by another turn a sympathetic friend; possibly both at once, possibly neither at all. She's also a terrific, albeit unwitting, threat to the Kate-Sawyer-Jack love triangle, which plays out more definitively this season. On the other hand, there's the now-infamous Nikki and Paulo Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro, a tagalong couple who were cleverly woven into the previous seasons' key moments but came to bear the brunt of fans' ire toward the show Sawyer humorously echoed the sentiments by remarking, "Who the hell are you?". By the end of the season, at least two major characters die, another is told he/she will die within months, major new threats are unveiled, and--as mentioned before--the two-part season finale restores your faith in the series.

The extras are as well-stocked as a Dharma Initiative food pantry on this seven-disc set. Commentaries by producer Damon Lindelof, show writers, and numerous cast members reveal a whole lot of juicy trivia; plus, the DVDs even provide a subtitle track for the commentary rarely seen other than on foreign-language director's commentaries so you won't miss a thing. "Lost Book Club" goes through the parallels between what characters are reading and the show's storylines The Wizard of Oz and Stephen King are heavily referenced. "Lost: On Location" gives a lot of insight to some of the biggest episodes, and "Lost in a Day" gives a 24-hour glimpse at the drama's arduous production. If you're a Lost fan who gave up during this season, the bonus features alone might lure you back for the next round. --Ellen A. Kim

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