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Home > Leverage: The First Season
Leverage: The First Season
Leverage: The First Season


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Actors: Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Aldis Hodge, Beth Riesgraf
Rating: NR
Features: AC-3, Box set, Color, Dolby, DVD, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC
Running Time: 584 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Release Date: July 14, 2009
Theatrical Release Date: December 7, 2008
Studio: Paramount Home Video

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Leverage is a slick and crafty drama following a team of expert thieves that take down corrupt corporations in elaborate high-tech schemes. Insurance investigator Nate Ford Academy Award-winner Timothy Hutton exposed scams and recovered stolen items worth millions. But his life hit the skids when his insurance company allowed his ailing 8-year-old son to die. Years later, Nate gets even as the leader of a specialized team of thieves, computer experts and con artists that right corporate and governmental injustices against honest citizens. To expose corruption, Nate will do wrong for all the right reasons –– he will provide Leverage.
TNT's Leverage takes a Robin Hood approach to criminal justice. After losing his son, ex-insurance investigator Nathan Ford Timothy Hutton reinvents himself as an avenging angel who rights wrongs for victims of organized greed with the skilled support of thief Parker Beth Riesgraf, hacker Alec Hardison Aldis Hodge, grifter Sophie Devereaux Coupling's Gina Bellman, and retrieval specialist or “hitter” Elliot Spencer Angel's Christian Kane.

In the spirit of Mission: Impossible, each episode revolves around a different job, and though producer/director Dean Devlin Independence Day shot the pilot in Chicago, Leverage Consulting sets up shop in L.A., where the rest of the series takes place. Hardly original--even the jazz-funk score sounds familiar--it's still a breezy lark that moves easily between drama and comedy, and the flashbacks to the team's past are a fun touch. During their inaugural year, they represent clients ranging from a wounded reservist to Nate's pastor D.B. Sweeney. Other notable guests include Buffy's Danny Strong as a conscience-free contractor and Popular's Sara Rue as an endangered whistleblower. All the while, the hard-drinking Nate's attraction to the increasingly alarmed Sophie grows at the same rate as his alcohol consumption Alec also develops a crush on the oblivious Parker.

Despite Hutton's Oscar credentials and top billing, 21-year-old Hodge often steals the show with his hilarious line readings and the deleted scenes reveal some equally amusing adlibs. Other extras include five featurettes and commentary on the 13 episodes from Devlin, creators John Rogers and Chris Downey plus key writers and directors, like Tony Bill My Bodyguard and Jonathan Frakes Star Trek: The Next Generation, who directs Trek veterans Brent "Data" Spiner and Armin “Quark” Shimerman in "The Juror #6 Job." In response to strong ratings, TNT renewed Leverage for a second season. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

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