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Actors: Neil Pearson, Tony Robinson, David Jason, Stephen Marcus, Joss Ackland
Director: Vadim Jean
Rating: NR
Features: AC-3, Color, Dolby, DVD, NTSC, Widescreen
Running Time: 189 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1
Release Date: March 4, 2008
Theatrical Release Date: 2006
Studio: Genius Products TVN

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Hogfather is the magical, menacing, wicked, and witty family story unlike anything else you could ever imagine. From the imagination of best-selling author Terry Pratchett comes Hogfather. It’s the holiday of Hogswatch, the night when kids anticipate presents from the beloved Hogfather. But someone wants the Hogfather out of the way. Now it’s up to the most unlikely of heroes to get the holiday back on track. Just in time for the Easter season, Hogfather is a cross between Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter that’s sure to be a family favorite you’ll be watching for years and years to come.
Based on a fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett, The Hogfather is an extraordinary satire-adventure set in the mythical realm of Discworld, a kind of parallel-universe version of Earth. Discworld’s alternative to Santa Claus is the Hogfather, who also chases around in a sled delivering gifts to children on a Christmas-like night known as Hogwatch, but who looks like, well, a wild hog and is pulled through the skies not by reindeer but a bunch of grunting porkers with long, dangerous teeth. Just as the Hogfather is about to complete his annual mission to leave toys for kids under their Hogwatch trees, a specter makes a deal with a professional assassin to kill the jolly old fellow. The job is farmed out to a psychotic monster named Teatime Marc Warren, who sets about trying to get to the Hogfather through, of all things, the Tooth Fairy. While danger stalks these immortal characters, Death Ian Richardson himself takes the Hogfather’s place on his magical rounds, with comic consequences. Meanwhile, a governess named Susan Michelle Dockery, possessor of a strange secret and awesome powers, determines that the Hogfather is in danger. She sets about trying to find him and discovers Teatime’s plot, while a cluster of clumsy wizards led by Joss Ackland try to make sense of what has happened and what they can do about it. It’s hard to explain the charm and wit of The Hogfather, which is full of quirky, ironic humor, except to say that it’s easy to fall in love with this British television special and its dark delights. Some a bit too dark for younger viewers. The cast includes a very funny Tony Robinson of Black Adder. --Tom Keogh

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