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Battlefield of the Mind
Battlefield of the Mind


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Sales Rank: 2,177

Actors: Joyce Meyer
Director: n/a
Rating: NR
Features: Color, DVD, Full Screen, NTSC, Special Edition
Running Time: 214 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Release Date: April 21, 2009
Theatrical Release Date: 2008

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Four Complete Programs for Winning the Battle in Your Mind! The book that s helped millions is now an essential DVD! Let bestselling author Joyce Meyer teach you how to overcome negative thoughts and become responsible for your own joy. What s Been on Your Mind Lately? Joyce asks the tough questions about looking in the mirror, taking inventory, thinking less and thanking more. Thinking Your Way Out of Bondage. Can you set your mind for freedom? Learn the difference between believing in victory and actually achieving it. What Would Jesus Think? Where the mind goes, The Man follows. How do you correct your own thoughts to become a better person? Think About What You Are Thinking About. Houce explains how to transform the way you think and win the war against a deceived mind.
Winning the Battle in Your Mind Amazon blog for Battlefield of the Mind DVD – by Joyce Meyer

Welcome to my Amazon blog! I want to share with you about an important DVD that I believe could change your life forever. I’m so passionate about this DVD because the truth contained in the messages transformed my life. You see, I was an extremely bitter person because my father abused me physically, sexually and emotionally throughout my childhood and until I was able to leave home at the age of eighteen. But by God’s grace, I’ve not only learned how to forgive and let go of my past, but also how to change the way I think so I can really enjoy my life every day. Now I have real peace and am free to reach out to others, helping and supporting them when I see needs in their lives that I can meet.

So many people’s issues are rooted in thinking patterns that actually produce the problems they experience in their lives. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, it’s my sincere hope that you’ll learn the life-changing impact of changing the way you think. Your actions are a direct result of your thoughts, so if you want to change your life for the better, you must learn to change your thoughts for the better. I’d like to show you how to do that through my DVD Battlefield of the Mind.

Your mind isn’t a playground but a battleground, where many different kinds of thoughts are fighting to control your life. The good news is, you get to choose which thoughts win! When you choose to think life-generating thoughts that line up with God’s Word, you’ll begin to experience the fullness of life that the Lord has planned for you. I’ll show you how to recognize when self-destructive thoughts are trying to control you and how to defeat them.

Battlefield of the Mind
has been the most requested teaching in my thirty years of ministry. We’ve received hundreds of testimonies from people who have turned their lives and situations around simply by changing the way they think. Because these messages have been so life-changing for so many, it’s my desire to make them available to as many people as I can.

Don’t surrender to hopelessness another day! Take some time to learn the powerful principles in these messages so you can overcome your negative thoughts and live a victorious life.  -- Joyce

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